Ms. Jamieson: Science

9/30- Oct. 4

Monday- Due to planting MO native plants and an assembly, there is some carry over from last week.

Density demo.

Some have spelling practice from the binder check which will be due Tues.

Fill out chemical properties sheet for a study guide for Fri. quiz on chem. and phys. changes

Tues.- Begin atom foldable

Wed.- Finish atom foldable There will be a quiz next week on atom parts.

Thurs.- Demo.- chem. change

Video- chemical changes.

Study for quiz tomorrow!

Fri.- Quiz on physical and chemical changes

Parking Lot Questions

*Keep everything we do in the rings of your science notebook. The pages will be taken up after the test on the unit. They are worth 200 points, just like a test. We file tests so you will have them to take home at the end of the year. Keep these to review before the gr. 8 MAP science test.

Extra Credit: (Can't fix a grade but can enhance it)

For this quarter only- students may create a 3 dimensional atom model using any materials, of an element atom that appears on the top 2 rows of the Periodic Table. (Simpler is better.)

Give Ms. Jamieson a note from a guardian if you do anything outside of class relating to science, such as visit a museum or look for the things in the night sky listed on the Stardate link.

Reports can be written about scientists or articles in science magazines. Be sure they are in your own words. Extra Credit cannot replace doing work or preparing for quizzes and tests.

Mrs. Perryman Social Studies

Sept 30- Oct 4

Turn in completed rewrite on Mon for credit points.
Using P. 11 complete 1-3 using the packet to answer.
Watch Video on Hammurabi. Take notes on interesting fact about his life and events.
Today students will complete Doc A 1-5 questions. Write question then answer in constructed response. (CR)

Record answers from board making sure to answer in CR. Begin Doc B. Work with shoulder partner. Turn in on Thurs.

Working with partner Doc C. Complete in constructed response.

Record answers from board about Doc C. Working with partner complete Doc D.

Ms. Smith: Communication Arts

Week of September 30th-October 4th:


6th grade darlings...
Hiya little lovelies! So glad you are being ready, respectful and responsible by checking out our 6th grade blog! We will be continuing with class a know the independent this week! Let's take a look at what our week of has in store :-)

Here's our Week...

MONDAY: W.O.D- decibel

We will start and hopefully finish the rough draft stage of our personal narrative today. You will NOT take this home if you are not finished...remember, no writing outside of class for major writing pieces.

TUESDAY: W.O.D- genocide

As students are finishing up their rough drafts, they will find a partner to Peer Edit their paper and fill out their Peer Editing form (that will be stapled to the rough draft). This will be worth 15 choose your partner carefully and make sure they will give you the most helpful feedback! Not just 15 out of 15 because "you are awesome"...yuck and gross...not correcting a paper correctly makes me sick!! Don't give me tummy troubles friends.

WEDNESDAY: W.O.D-feng shui

Finish up peer editing stage. You will individually fill out a self revision sheet to make sure you are adding all the juict details and writing to your fullest potential. Woot Woot!

THURSDAY: W.O.D-salutatorian

You are publishing your personal narrative today. Final copy needs to be done today (or latest by tomorrow). Writing pencil...title and indents before paragraghs are needed.

FRIDAY: W.O.D-emancipate

You will score yourself on how well you think you did, by giving yourself points of out 50. Back up your reasoning by showing me evidence in your paper as to why you deserve the grade "you think" you earned. Work hard peeps.

150 grammar tests to grade this weekend. Give me some grace if I'm not updating the grades first thing Monday morning. Look for your child's test grade by Wednesday next week, that is my deadline.

Also, progress reports went home last Friday...if you didn't see might wanna take a peek through your kiddo's backpack:-)

Lastly, I care about your kid. Enough said.

The weekly schedule is posted in the 6th grade darlings section!

Have a great week with your responsible 6th grader!

If you have any questions or concerns OR clarity on how to use the blog our access your student's grades...feel free to email me at

Mr. Wanicke: Reading

The Week of September 23-27

Reading (periods 1,2,5, 6 and 7)

Welcome to HOOT!

We are reading the book HOOT by Carl Hiaasen in our classes. All of the actual reading of the book will be done in IN CLASS, due to the fact that I don't have many extra copies of the book.

Students will be assessed by completing an ACTIVITY PACKET that covers the major instructional goals of the class.
The packet is divided into individual activities that cover every three chapters of the book. We hope to get through an activity every week.

What does my child have for HOMEWORK in Reading?
Your child needs to read a ANY BOOK of their choice and fill out a summary sheet and turn it in for 50 points. Two books are required per quarter.

We also have a weekly SPELLING TEST. Your child can study the words BELOW:

question, statement, argue, reason, persuade, sincerely, scissors, eraser, towel, remember, nervous, serious, schedule, language (15 words)

EXTRA CREDIT WORDS! - cronies, defiance

Lesson Plans:

Monday (9/23) Character Maps!

Tuesday (9/24) Read Chapter 9 - Complete Activity 3 in packets

Wednesday (9/25) READ Chapter 10

Thursday (9/26) - Read Chapter 11

Friday (9/27) Spelling test, Library day

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or praise! or 523-7118

Mrs. Hughes: Elementary/Middle School Counselor

Hi, I'm Mrs. Hughes and I will be presenting the 6th grade guidance lessons this year. I will be in your child's classroom once a month during his/her regular math period. My lesson objectives will be based on the Mo. Comprehensive Guidance Curriculum. Topics will include the following: time management skills, making good choices/peer pressure, conflict resolution, and career paths. Your child will be participating in whole group activities and discussion as well as small group activities and partner sharing. I look forward to working with your child this year.

Have a great school year!

Mrs. Chris Hughes

Hickory Hills Counselor

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